Find your 110%
We are on a mission to help high achievers reach their 110%. Our tracking tool translates your body’s unique inflammatory profile into novel personalised insights on how to eat, exercise and recover to be your best self.

We are launching our beta programme this summer and are looking for data conscious athletes to join the programme. During three weeks this summer, we will send out home testing kits to collect small blood samples and send them to our lab for analysis. You will then get your unique inflammatory baseline, measuring your recovery each week, and producing new insights and recommendations ranging from when to book in the next heavy workout session or what diet is most suitable based on your immunological profile.
What you get from our beta programme:
Time series data on your inflammatory baseline over 3 weeks to measure your recovery and how you are adapting to your training load
Personalised report with actionable intelligence on diet, training and recovery strategies
Home blood testing kits with guidance
Call with our human performance team to chat through the results
Major discount on our health tracking at launch
my110 stash
Spaces are limited so sign up now to be in with a chance of joining our exclusive pilot. We’re excited to know more about you and to understand how we can help you reach your 110%. We will be in touch with you within the next few weeks to keep you up to speed on the process.
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